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Anytown - Garage Sale Monsters is a story about one-year life slice of a 90's kid that moves to a new town and starting a new life with a divorced mom, a sister and a dog. Most of the other kids in Anytown are addicted with an absurd card game that they discovered from the dusty shelves of a garage sale.

In Anytown there are no wrong choices: the game never punish the player for their life choices, rather it rewards the player with different and interesting narratives for choosing their unique way.

It is a personal project and it is still in production and you can follow the development from Anytown - Garage Sale Monsters official website. Anytown is an open design project that all design documents and folders are publicly accessible for free. 

We are also talking about indie game development, design and business in Turkish podcast series: Serbet Oyun Imalatı - Anytown Podcast

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Shadowgun Legends is a mobile AAA first person shooter game with major RPG elements. I worked as a senior gameplay programmer and it is the biggest scoped game project that I've worked on.


I worked as a Unity Programmer with Ylands team at Bohemia Interactive. It was the best team I've ever worked with.

Explore, live off the land, and build things piece by piece. Ylands is a vibrant sandbox game with light survival elements. Alone or together with friends – your next adventure starts here.


Developing Monochroma was the greatest experience of my life. It was my first game in that scope, and we achieved many things beyond my dreams. We successfully Kickstarted Monochroma and made it Greenlit on Steam.


Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle platformer developed in Turkey. It’s a game about being a kid, growing up with a little brother that needs your help, facing obstacles, and solving unique puzzles in an industrial-alchemic world.


Monochroma’s gameplay builds upon the relationship and unspoken sacrifice between two brothers. Early on, your little brother injures his leg—so you must carry him on piggyback to continue further. You can’t run fast or jump high while carrying your brother. You must put your brother down temporarily in order to solve most of the puzzles—but you can only do this where there is light. Like most small children, he is afraid of the dark—and you can’t leave him behind.


Bo & Di is an interactive animated film for preschool kids designed and directed by Zeynep Akcay and developed by me. It is a part of a research project that was supported by Yasar University Research Grant Program. The project features Bo, Di and their companion Bee, who can experience conflicts depending on the children’s choices.


This interactive film and its traditional linear version were specifically tailored to measure the effects of interactivity in children between the ages 3 to 5, and a reception test was conducted among 218 children. The results were analyzed to discuss the connection between interactivity, engagement and understanding.


Property of EPIKARTS, Work In Progress

  • Joker Joy is a match-3 puzzle game with poker rules!

  • -Travel to a western setting of gunslinger towns, grand canyons, desert prisons and ghost saloons.

  • Solve hundreds of card puzzles and even challange the death itself!


I have designed and directed Buddies: Dash In Time for ByNoGame. It is as a casual endless runner game for IOS and Android platforms. The idea was taking ByNoGame’s mascot: Knight Buddy to a next level by creating an absurd fantasy world franchise around him. The Buddy and his other friends: The Girl, The Junior and The Whiney dashes from their home to a funny and addictive adventure in time.


The project was canceled/paused before alpha and it had a great potential. It is a huge lost for me and every briliant colleagues I have cooperated on the project.


ByNoGame Bonus Hunter is an addictive Android application that include three mini games. Play these mini games to collect bonus currency for ByNoGame.


Trivia Challenge: Play once everyday. Answer correct answer in a limitted time to win up to 60 coins.


Slot Machine: Play for just 1 Coin. Pull the red handle and earn coins and win up to 1000 bonuses!

Magic Wheel: Play for just 2 Coin. Pull the red handle and earn
lots of coins and win up to 5000 bonuses!


Oyna Turka, is a social Facebook game platform collobrated by Nowhere Studios and Gamester.

Oyna Turka platform contains 4 arcade games: A bubble shooter, brain teaser, solitaire and typing game. Each game have different challanges, since they are sharing common characters and placed in an Ottoman-Steampunk world setting.


Kitten Theory is an asynchronous multiplayer game for IOS platform. I've prototyped this small experimental game for my another game designer friend Şahin Yalabık. With full day long game sessions, each player collects a kitten every minute and battle each other with their cute kittens to steal their fish bones to victory. We made the alpha and didn't had time to complete Kitten Theory as a finished product.


I've collobrated with Level34 team for the native android port of Kick Off Challenge.


Kick Off Challenge is an online football manager simulation developed and published by Level34 team. It is available on Google Play store. The game is also available on Facebook and it allows you to play against your friends.


Collect cards, create your team, win cups! Showing all world the best football guru ever is now on your hands.


Ballad of the Sea is an ambient, minimalist, one-button rhythm game about sailing back home. 

As a couple, we left our homeland  a few years ago. Since then, we moved a lot before we finally settled in Brisbane, Australia. This year's GGJ 2019 theme was "What home means to you". So, we wanted to share our experience by singing a Turkish ballad from the Aegean Sea that reminds what home really means for us.  We hope you will enjoy our little game.

Binary ZERO Team - Zeynep Akçay & Orçun Nişli

Play on ITCH.IO


I've collaborated with Zeynep Akçay and Cem Buğra on GGJ 2015 to design a board game with a unique twist. Lünokrasi is a game about 4 lunatics who must move together in a bad mental asylum. Each lunatics have different quest to win the game and players must control the only pawn on the board. To decide where to go they must use a unique and crazy form of democracy.


You can print out everything from there and play for free. Have fun!

During the 2013 Gezi Park protests, we made a GeziJam, and I've developed TayyoLand on the jam. It is about an imaginary prime minister and his greedy politics about urbanization. 

Play on ITCH.IO

I've collaborated with Güney Özsan and Murat Kalkavan to develop Panic In The Sky on Amber Jam 2013. It is a local multiplayer game with a funny ending. You must control two disabled guys: a deaf and a mute to guide them to land a plane.  Mute guy hear the commands from the control tower and must write the instructions to deaf guy that operates the switches and buttons on the cockpit with mouse.


You can play it from here.

I've collabrated with Emrah Özer on GGJ 2013 to develop Heart Beat Attack. It is an experimental puzzle/platformer game that you can't control the character which moves with a  pattern. Only way to lead your character to exit is swaping and shuffling the level parts horizontally.


You can play it from here.

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